CA CPT test exam online
Levels of Difficulty
5000 +
Unique Questions
Performance Reports
Offline Test Program (OTP)
16 Practice Tests - each test has 200 questions with the same subjectwise weightage as the final exam
Chapter wise Tests for each of the four subjects with upto 25 questions per chapter
4 Subject wise Tests
Answers with explanation for all questions.
Quick Delivery normally processes within 5 working days
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Rs. 750 only
(Entire printed booklet is available for this price including delivery charges)
Practice Test Program (PTP)
Tests designed as per the actual CPT exam
Each test has 200 questions with same subject-wise weightage as the final exam
Program contains 16 practice tests
Tests are customized based on your prior performance
Difficulty level of the next test will depend on how you perform in your previous test
Reports to analyze your performance and identify strengths and weakness
Rs. 250 only
Full Preparatory Program (FPP)
Guides your preparation through your own customized study plan
Summary content and key points for each chapter
Chapterwise and subjectwise tests based on your study plan
Revision month, providing additional subjectwise tests
Revision Test series provides 16 full tests- customized based on your performance
Detailed reports enable you to identify your weak and strong areas
Rs. 500 only
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"The personalized approach and study plan provided by CPT guru helped me a lot. It brought discipline in my preparation, the customized reports helped me at each stage to know where I stand and the whole planning approach gave me that extra push when I needed it the most. This is the only website which provides customized coaching for every student and I highly recommend it " - Sarang Mehta, CA CPT student
CPT Tip Of the Day
Try to simulate actual exam conditions while you prepare and write the practice tests. Avoid cross referencing study materials, taking breaks, etc when you write your practice tests
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